Epilepsy Note Annotation Interface


Welcome to the ENAI:

Epilepsy Note Annotation Interface (ENAI) collects data that later will be used by a machine to extract important information from epilepsy notes.

Some simple annotation tips.

  • Find minimal phrases that stand on their own.
  • Pick only the strongest phrase for a medical term.
  • Make only superficial interpretation of the phrase.
  • Compact highlighted words (don't allow for large gaps).
  • Skip neuro-psych visit notes.
  • Skip neuro-surgery visit notes.
  • Non-epileptic event is an eplipsy related neurological event (this excludes, e.g., migrenes).
  • The end goal of annotation is to be able to asses patient outcomes related to drug responses and seizure types.

Explanation how to use "unknown", "unclear" and "not mention" type terms.

Explanation how to use "first", "past", "last", "breakthrough", and "current" type terms.

Software developed in collaboration with the following team members in the Pestian Lab